Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

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In this manuscript letter Rigby provides an account of his progress carrying out tasks and errands on Owen's behalf. He tells Owen that whilst delivering Owen's parcels to various European dignitaries he found that he was not received as cordially as previously, and feels there has been a "great change" amongst the European "rulers of Nations".

Rigby writes that he gave notice to quit his position as Joint Secretary of the Social Science League. He did this due to the lack of input from his fellow Secretary [David] Ludlow, he now prefers to spend his time in the manufacture of table salt. James Atkinson, late of Harmony [Hall, Hampshire] was elected to take Rigby's place as Secretary.

Arrangements regarding the choice of venue to celebrate Owen's upcoming birthday are discussed, with the Lyons Inn offices of the Social Science League, St. Martin's Hall and the John Street Institute [all London] all mooted as possible locations. The "Social Party" at John Street are particularly keen for their institute to be chosen as they must vacate the property in June and wish the celebration of Owen's birth [and the following Sunday's gathering] to be the last event before they leave.


Stamped number: 2894


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