Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript opens with Rigby stating he has "very few facts to communicate" and to due to his negative state of mind an account of his feelings would be of "very little practical utility".

Rigby's explains his despair stems from the breaking up of Owen's old [association] branches across the kingdom; there is now "no centre, nothing to work from or with". He writes at length about what he views as being the "lamentable" state of affairs after "so many years labour".

A printed report from a lecture delivered by Dr. Cumming, which Rigby writes is the most important thing to the "Religious World", is present.

Also, a printed newspaper report in which a quote by Lord Palmerston is underlined and Rigby annotated on the foot of the clipping that Palmerston has offered two conflicting opinions regarding criminality; one here and one when at ? Romney.


Stamped number: 2363