Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

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In this manuscript letter Rigby writes of finding a letter from Grace Fletcher, describing her as Owen's "first disciple". Such was his excitement of finding a "nugget" he was inspired to write Owen a copy of the letter here.

In the letter from Fletcher, which is undated, Owen is thanked for paying her a visit and wishes Owen well with his "noble ideas".

Rigby continues by recalling a recent incident in Clare market, [London] when a mob gathered around a man selling a publication entitled "The conversion of the Great Infidel and Blaspheming Atheist Robert Owen". The mob was dispersed by the police, but Rigby managed to get a copy and encloses it (not present) for Owen to read. He believes it will let Owen know what is going on in the "lower sphere".

Rigby closes the letter by mentioning a forthcoming "Labour Congress" and he asks Owen could "some good" not be done in addressing them.


Stamped number: 2148

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