Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Rigby opens this manuscript letter writing of his admiration for Owen and his intentions in helping mankind. He is glad to hear that Owen's good health, as for the past few weeks they have been "very uneasy" about his condition.

News of the progress [with the 'cause'] follows, with Rigby writing that following a number of regular meetings [between Rigby and his associates] a Congress was then called by the Co-operative League. The Congress was well attended, with delegates present from The Working Clergy, Co-operative League, Labour League, Spirit of the Age Newspaper Association, Literary and Philosophical Associations, Leeds Redemption Society, Fourierites, Icarus and English Socialist. A resolution was passed, stating that an association should be formed of all the these parties and a council numbering 20 individuals to be appointed (12 acting for London and 8 for the provinces).

Rigby provides a list detailing the names and allegiance of some of those appointed, which includes himself noted to be an English Socialist.


Stamped number: 1622