Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter Rigby provides Owen with a comprehensive update of the progress he has made with tasks carried out on his behalf. This includes attending a meeting with Rev d' Orelle, a correspondent of Owen's, with Rigby noting himself to be "well pleased" with him, although he does find him a little "too Spiritual". Also, Dr Cowan called and left word that a meeting of the "Committee" has been called for 11am tomorrow, but Rigby notes this is too early for Owen to get there [from Sevenoaks].

On a separate page, noted as being private and confidential, is a list of names of individuals who have written an essay for Engineers: Robert Owen, Alex Campbell, Richard Hart, Edward Vansittart Neale and the Justices of Birmingham are listed.


Stamped number: 2392