Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens with Rigby providing Owen with an update of progress he has made on number of tasks carried out on Owen's behalf.

Discussion follows on what Rigby views as the "clamour for war" in Britain. He writes that parliament, press, pulpit, public meetings and private conversations are all about the war. The lack of interest Rigby has shown of events in the Crimean [and Spiritualism] has caused some of his friends to say he is an "old Social fossil" and neither the "Spirits in the next world or War in this can move [him]".

Rigby now has "less hope now than ever" of the "immediate application" of Owen's principles, with the Trades Unions "prostrate" and with the war being on the minds of all; he wonders where now can Owen's principles "take root".

The dispute at the John Street institute has now been resolved writes Rigby, with Green and his party being the "real victors".

The letter closes with Rigby discussing the absurdity of war, adding that "if the Governments were to put an end to the War - the people would would put an end to Governments".


Stamped number: 2231