Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter, Rigby informs Owen he was recently visited by Mr. [Robert] Ryder who has been appointed Superintendent of the Mechanical and [?Agriculture] department of the staff of the Bishop [Colenso] of Natal. Ribgy explains that the Bishop has sanctioned the building of "New City or Town with a Palace and dwellings for the people employed in Agriculture, Manufacture and Education having the most improved tools", and has requested Ryder to visit all the principal towns in England and Scotland [?to obtain goods and practical advice]. It is with in mind Ryder has visited Rigby to ask for introductions to tool makers in Manchester. Rigby also promises Ryder "as perfect a working drawing of the 'Village Community'" as he can.

Rigby writes that Ryder informed him that he was in possession of all Owen's works, along with those of [Robert] Pemberton and [? James Silk] Buckingham. Ryder was adamant that he will not leave for Africa without first seeing Owen.

In the remainder of the letter Rigby provides Owen with an update of progress made with tasks carried out on Owen's behalf.


Stamped number: 2336

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