Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

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Manuscript letter opening with Rigby providing an account of his progress carrying out tasks and errands on Owen's behalf. Forwarding Owen a number of newspapers, including American and Spiritualist ones being the main theme.

Rigby recalls being visited by two "French Gentlemen", friends of the Count [Corvaja], who wondered if anything could be done to unite Owen and the Baron in their attempts to change society. Rigby told the gentlemen he thought this impossible as the Baron's "only one idea" was to bring [social] reform to the world by means of money, and this was in complete opposition to one of Owen's "Great Ideas" to arrange society so that money would be useless.

Rigby remarks seeing nothing of [William] Pare's proceedings at the British Association, and notes his dislike of him taking such a "minor position".


Stamped number: 2642

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