Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter opening with detailed discussion regarding the problems Rigby had posting Owen's newspapers. He provides Owen with a comprehensive account of his visit to the Post Office to post a copies of the Millennial Gazette to Rowland Hill, Secretary to the Post Office and his two brothers. Rigby found himself quizzed as to the content of his parcel addressed to Rowland Hill, and was informed if it contained any Gazettes not for Hill, but for his brothers, then these will have to be sent separately. Rigby notes requesting to see the Secretary [Rowland Hill] only to be informed he was busy.

Rigby explains the problem arises because of wanting to post the newspapers sent via the Penny Post. He is told this method is unacceptable and instead they should be sent via one of 3 ways; placing as many stamps as necessary; under an order for pamphlets or books; have it stamped as a newspaper. Rigby enquires how one goes about getting a publication considered as a newspaper and is told to make an application to the Secretary of the Post Office, who then decides if it a newspaper and informs the Commissioners of the Inland Revenue of his decision.

For Owen's Millennial Gazette to be considered a newspaper it must carry the same title for every week it is published and Rigby writes that [William] Pare suggested that Owen should give all his papers the heading "Owen's Millennial Gazette".

In the remainder of the letter Rigby provides Owen with an update of progress made with tasks carried out on his behalf.


Stamped number: 2337