Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter opens with Rigby writing of drafting an address, along with [Thomas] Allsop and Dr. Travis, to send to "all known friends of the cause of rational progress". Rigby and Travis had disagreed over the object of the address, with Rigby believing an "Inquiring Association" should be formed to look into the cause of ignorance whilst Travis was of the opinion an Association should be formed with the purpose of giving "instruction" of the best method of removing ignorance. In the end a"half way house" was reached and a Rigby has enclosed here a drafted copy of the address for Owen to read.

Rigby explains he has sent the address out to several allies, and is awaiting their opinion of it. He has also been asked to look for offices [for the association], but not engage them, lest nothing happens and it is all "a flash in a pan".

Rigby continues to provide an account of his progress carrying out tasks and errands on Owen's behalf. This includes forwarding Owen a number of newspapers and placing a number of advertisements in newspapers.

The letter closes with Rigby expressing his wish for the "wings of a dove" so that he may bring the olive branch in his beak.


Stamped number: 2552