Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens with Rigby providing a brief account of his progress carrying out tasks and errands on Owen's behalf. In addition Rigby offers Owen advice regarding the best means of getting his parcels delivered [to MP's and Lords], noting the post to be the best way rather than through the "messengers of the Office of Votes and Proceedings".

The letter closes with lengthy discussion regarding the sanity, or otherwise, of Charles William Gregory. It has been recommended by the Inspector of the Commissioners of Lunacy that Gregory should be locked up as he is "considered dangerous". However, his family consider him not so, and wish him to remain at a quiet cottage they have taken where he spends most of his time gardening. Rigby admits Gregory has made threats "to kill any man who lays hand on him", but adds he finds him to be "mild and kind where he finds mildness and kindness".


Stamped number: 2937