Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter, Rigby provides Owen with an update of progress made with tasks carried out on his behalf. This includes visiting several newspaper offices to leave articles and going to the Daily Telegraph offices to search for a manuscript which Owen left there, but has since has been misplaced.

Mention is made of "great fight" going on at present respecting the opening of the Crystal Palace, British Museum and National Gallery on Sunday. In opposition to such a move the clergy of Camden have called a meeting, and three people called on Rigby that day alone and asked him to attend; he writes of caring little about these "little things".

Rigby tells Owen of a pawn broker named Fletcher calling on him, and during the conversation Fletcher made the claim that Owen had "gone to Jesus" and has turned away from "Truth and Reason". Rigby explains that Fletcher is not one of Owen's "school", but was a follower of Taylor and [Richard] Carlile.