Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter Rigby provides Owen with an account of the progress he has made with tasks carried out on Owen's behalf.

Three "World's Conventions" are to be held, with Germany and New York hosting ones along with Owen's own. Rigby is enthused with the one planned for Germany, or at least with the wording of the parties who called it which was along the lines of "to take into consideration the best means of improving the condition of the Working Classes"; he thinks Owen should attend.

Rigby provides Owen with a vivid description of the jubilation and relief following the announcement via telegraph wires of the ending of hostilities in the Crimean War. He writes he was shaken from writing this letter by what seemed like thunder or an earthquake; "London shakes to the foundation" as everyone hangs out of their windows and cries " Peace, Peace, Peace". An hour later all was "quiet as death".


Stamped number: 2749

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