Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter, opening with Rigby providing an account of his progress carrying out tasks and errands on Owen's behalf.

The letter continues with Rigby writing he believes the Unions have a "great deal to learn" and the "Dry Bones" [the new society being formed by Travis, Neale etc] are unable to teach them anything, this is in comparison to "[Alexander] Campbell, Allen, Newton and [George] Fleming" who have more influence over them.

Ribgy informs Owen that the Royal British Bank, established by his "old friend" [John MacGregor] has stopped making payments [to shareholders], but Owen's friends will not lose anything as they are depositors and not shareholders.

The "Sunday Band" played for the last time of the season, with over £40 being raised through programme sales in just the one day. Rigby laments "what power the people have if only they knew how to use it".


Stamped number: 2632

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