Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens with Ribgy writing of a long discussion he had with Mr Charles George Allhusen. Rigby believes Allhusen will do "much good" with his efforts to make Socialism "Spring Up" in the "Slums" and "Gutters" and so reach a class of people that neither Owen nor is disciples can. In the end though, despite doing the "cause" much good, he will be disappointed.

Rigby talks of over 100,000 members of the [National] Sunday League have gathered in the Park to watch "Private Band"; "the Clergy are beaten" [with their hopes for Sunday observance].

The "lucky man" Robert Cooper is due to benefit to the sum of £30,000 following the final making of the Will of ? Fletcher; Holyoake is said be be displeased at this outcome, whilst Rigby predicts that he will be "dead in a year" if he does not give it [the money] away.


Stamped number: 2697

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