Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter opening with Rigby discussing a report taken from a meeting [at John Street Institute, London] which is being put together by Dr. [Travis]. Travis was late in presenting the report, therefore making it difficult for Rigby to place the report in the necessary newspapers. Rigby also writes of his dislike for the report, describing it as being "very dead" and lacking in "expression or reflex of the meeting". That they timed the meeting on New Year's Eve should have been stressed more, as at a time when "almost everyone is making merry with his friends" this meeting called for "a purpose in direct opposition to the Public Mind" and, despite this, still caused all who attended to remark "what a gathering".

The letter continues with Rigby providing Owen with an update of progress made with tasks carried out on his behalf. This includes sending Owen a number of papers and articles and acting on Owen's instructions in delivering a parcel to Dr. Evans.

The recent burial of John Minter Morgan is mentioned, along with the many kind donations Morgan left in his will. A "model [of a] community" which Minter [owned] is also mentioned, with Rigby gloomily writing that he supposes it will be "broken up to mend the roads".


Stamped number: 2323