Letter from James Rigby to Robert Owen

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In this manuscript letter Rigby provides Owen with a comprehensive update of the progress he has made with tasks carried out on his behalf. This includes attending a meeting along with William Pare and Baron Corvaja which had been arranged so that Corvaja could air his views. However, the meeting was quickly adjourned as Corvaja's interpreter could not speak English, and none of the other attendees could speak any other language. A further meeting was called, with the additional attendees Mr Pemberton jnr, Mr Weller and Signori G. Magri, and at this meeting Corvaja put forward his views for monetary reform. Rigby thought Corvaja's views were similar to those proposed by [John] Gray - although Pare felt them to be "not so far advanced as Gray's".

Rigby also notes preparing parcels of reports [from the meeting at John Street Institute] for various parties residing in the outlying areas [of London], including the Turkish Ambassador.

The letter closes with Rigby writing a postscript noting that "this has been for the cause a most important week".


Stamped number: 2426