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Samuel Wood (Hopley) to Sir John Trevor (Little St Bartholomew's, London): comments on the lands they are hoping to purchase from Mr Santhey, describing the soil as '… a black soil like to moorish soil (but firm enough) and such I have been informed and find by experience to be fitter for grass than tillage. And the experience of these parts is that if they take but 3 crops (after burning) it will be better for grass …'; legal matters concerning the mill dispute and a decree made in it whereby 'methinks Bold, the baker in Burton, your uncle's tenant, seems not bound by it to grind that corn there which he spends not in his house, but sells and carries abroad…'; sends a plot [plan] of Trevalyn; '…my Lady Tirringham was gone to Anglesey before my return she hath taken away all her horses and the ass too and the kine she hath disposed of in several places, the best of the goods are gone from the Lodge to Lavister only some beds they say are left there for you and other goods, the suit of hangings which I found in Trevalyn house is in the chamber I lie in and she hath not meddled with anything in Trevalyn house...'


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