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Samuel Wood to Sir John Trevor, MP (Cannon Row, Westminster): Mr Bould sends information about trhe wardenship of some unspecified town; '… this occasioned me to mention to him a thing much wanting in most places and yet as necessary to edification of souls as learning to spell and read is to make a learned man for it is … in the ordinary way of saving souls, and that is to devise some way and allow some certain means for the full and constant catechising of children without which no preaching will ever be received as a saving means to the souls of any. He concurred with me in it and will put it into practise presently and hath sent for 200 catechisms …'; '… there be some of the better minded sort of Holt chapelry that spake to me yesterday in Chester to signify their minds and desires to you that is that you would be pleased not to think of any one to be minister here until they have thought of one and presented his name to you and have undertaken by the next post to present to you one who is a good scholar, a good divine and godly man such as to whom no exception can justly be taken. Mr Golbourne as I wrote in my last letter is very like to be parson of Eggleston [?Eccleston] and never did earnestly look after Gresford because it is Welsh, and contrarily Holt men seek after an Englishman and to avoid all Welshmen …'; Mrs L… hath procured Major Sadler and most of his soldiers and officers and as many more of the league at Holt as he can procure to sign a petition to desire the mill may continue as a mill without which the league cannot subsisit. How true this is I know not but do believe there is some such thing and some threatening words I hear of doing great matters before it shall be taken down but I am persuaded … they are by some such as she is not acquainted with nor intends not any such course …'; 'My Lady continueth weak and distempered still though I believe she be on the mending hand … she will not be without her doctor continually and here also Sir Evan and his Lady and all their attendants which I hope will lessen ere long for the charge is great and the house full though she for her part be very sparing and frugal. Her doctor will quickly cost her £10 in fees and physic if it thus continue …'; an explanation of his conduct regarding debts due from Mr Badley and the property securing the same the settling of which had been hindered by 'the wars and troubles' and subsequent attentions of the sequestrators and his attempts 'to save harmless at least 40 men who are some of them already in prison, some fled for fear and all like to be undone which if relief be not had will be the most strange business that ever of this kind was heard of...

[postscript concerning a payment of £400 claimed by Evan Lloyd].


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