Arbitration Award

Scope and Content

(i) John Trevor, son and heir of John ap Richard Trevor of Allington in the lordship of Bromfield, gent., Agnes Broghton, his wife, and David ap John Du of Bromfield, yeoman.

(ii) Robert ap John ap Madoc ap Ieuan ap David of Wrexham, Agnes verch Robert, his wife, John ap Hugh David of Wrexham, the abbot franklin, and Catrin verch Robert, his wife.

(i) and (ii) agree to be bound to each other in the sum of £40 to accept the arbitration award of Bartholomew Brereton Brereton [sic], gent., and William Borras, gent., on the behalf of (i) and of John Puleston the elder, esq., and Ken' ap Ieuan, gent., on behalf of (ii) to settle all disputes between them.

The above-named arbitrators then award, with the agreement of all parties except Gruffith ap Ed' ap Morgan the elder and John ap Ed' ap David of Worthenbury who sided with (i), that they should make up their differences 'with heart, mouth and hand' and to prove their good faith Agnes verch Robert should go with 12 honest women to the churchyard in Wrexham and there swear upon the relics brought to her that she did not know Agnes Broghton before they fell out at her [Agnes verch Robert's] shop and that she should pay 26s.8d. in compensation for all the trouble she has caused.


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