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Samuel Wood (Trevalyn) to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): has had no letters for two weeks 'which makes me fear the state of things there'; a long discussion of terms negotiated with John Trevalyn; 'Mr Vicar of Estyn is inducted and hath preached often and very well. None can find fault with him but such as are enamoured on Mr Owen's good fellowship, he and his friends opposed him as much as they could and durst but in vain and he is deposed and a new curate in. The only fault and cavil they now have is that a number of Wrexham people men and women come to hear him and trouble and throng their church and seats but that will be reformed easily …'; promises to send up trenchers required; trouble with a widow Evans who is refusing to pay her rent; is planning to go to compound with Mr Wingfield; 'you and Sir Thomas Powell are assessed in Denbighshire for the 2 former subsidies in 14s..6d apiece...'


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