Mortgage in tir prid in 74s.7d.

Scope and Content

(i) Madoc ap Gruffith ap Howel Grach.

(ii) Ieuaf Banno'.

All (i)'s parcel of land in Allington [in Gresford, co. Denbigh] between a marsh called Gwern a Felin and a path leading from Rhyd Leng towards Marford in one direction and from the lands of the heirs of Llewelyn ap Howel Grach to the native land of the lordship of Marford, except for 5 butts and 1 parcel of land next to Adwy Gwladus Du which Ken' ap Llewelyn holds from (i).

Term: 4 years renewable for further periods of 4 years.

Witnesses: Madoc ap Iorwerth Fychan, Iorwerth ap Ieuaf Goch, Howel ap Madoc Lloyd, Deio ap Edn' Du, Madoc ap Hova Wyld, Iorwerth ap Iorwerth ap Madoc and Deicus Du.

Dated at Gresford.

Part of a seal of red wax.


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