Petition, Sketch, Order and Correspondence

Scope and Content

(a) Petition of Anne Lloyd, widow of George Lloyd, late Bishop of Chester, to the Chief Justice of Assize in the County Palatine of Chester, alleging that her late husband had purchased a mansion house called Pantyokin and the lands belonging to it, including Kay Hillock [in Gresford, co. Denbigh], from John Panton, esq., but that she was now being challenged in her title to it by John Wynne Kenrick who was threatening to take it to Denbighshire assizes where she would be at a great disadvantage, and thus she asks it be referred to arbitration instead, n.d.

(b) Sketch showing the position of Kae Hillock and of another piece of land in Gresford called Tir y Tomley with note that it is the latter which was included in a fine not the former as evidenced by a deed of purchase made by Morgan Mathewe's father, the plaintiff's father-in-law, n.d.

(c) Order that a dispute between Anne Lloyd, widow, and John Kenrick and others should be referred to the final determination of Sir Thomas Chamberlayne, Chief Justice of Chester, and John Jeffreys, esq., one of His Majesty's Judges of North Wales, September 1620.

(d) Richard Prythergh to his cousin, John Kenrick: had intended him to keep possession of the house, orchard and garden and now that he has lost it, the writer wants him to get it back but warns him to 'beware of committing any riot'; also advises that he and Sir John try to settle the dispute with the widow as going to law will be tedious and expensive, 21 May 1621.


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