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Relating to a case in the Court of Exchequer between Sir John Trevor, one of the farmers of His Majesty's coal farm, and John Powell, esq., Margaret, his wife, Sir Thomas Powell, Bart., Thomas Davies, Robert Oulton, Lewis ap Edward, Thomas Griffith, Thomas Parsonage, Richard Prince, David Hughes and others concerning the defendants' erection and use of a new mill in Allington, co. Denbigh, in competition with Marford Mills, including details of the bill of complaint, the defendants' answers and statements of witnesses on both sides, viz: for the plaintiff - John ap Edward ap John, aged 86; John Bowte, aged 80; Pierce ap Richard; Thomas Whitolph, miller; John Meredith, aged 66; John ap Edward ap Ellis, aged 83; Ellis ap David; Thomas Symon, aged 77; Edward ap William Howell; Thomas Lother; Randle ap John, aged 100; Thomas ap John David, aged 72; William Williams, bailiff of the manor of Burton; John Bayly, miller, of Chester; Thomas Spencer, baker, of Chester; William Taylor of Allington; Robert Gleave; Thomas Foster; Fabian Phillipps; Thomas Griffith Shone; Richard Shone; David Shone; Robert ap Hugh, aged 80; Thomas Packer; Nathaniel Middleton, aged 65; and for the defendants - John Sadler, aged 52; William Dale, miller; Thomas Whitolph; John ap Ellis; William Trollock; Edward ap Edward; Richard Shone; John Williams; Katherine Shone; John Shone; Roger ap Hugh; William Taylor; Ellis Compton; Dorothy Hunt of Holt; Robert Davies; Robert Oulton; Alice Randall; Richard Langford; Edward Maddock, aged 71, of Holt; John Santhy; John ap Edward ap Griffith; Randle Griffith; William Wilde; Lowry Mathew; William Hunt; Thomas Roydon, aged 36; Godfrey Parry, aged 73; John Fisher, aged 58; Hugh Fisher, aged 40; Thomas Lloyd, Morris Jenkin; Randle Oulton; Richard Barker; Thomas Lother.


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