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Samuel Wood (Trevalyn) to Sir John Trevor (Little St Bartholomew's, London): report of a conversation with John Powell at Holt fair regarding his non-payment of the costs awarded against him by the Court of Exchequer in the dispute between him and recipient; his need of money for various purposes; the trial of a new curate - 'I heard the sermon and as I came out of church Mr Langford asked me how I liked the man and his praying. I answered that I desired to hear opinion and liking of him and the other gent before I spake anything. I spake not one word more to any man nor any word of dislike yet Mr Powell tells me Mr Langford told him that I did like of him and thereupon he was dismissed as one that would not serve the turn and said that I looked to have a very able man which I am sure I never expressed to him only said so to another before I heard this man pray and offered myself to be a contributor of my own purse to such a man. I hope you or somebody will find as able man ere long to serve the place. I beseech you let me receive your directions again concerning this curate Mr Jones … I think you did appoint me to allow him from your uncle's death after 4 marks p.a...'


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