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Samuel Wood (Hopley) to Sir John Trevor, MP (Cannon Row, Westminster): had been summoned to wait on the Committee of Sequestration at Shrewsbury but it had been a waste of time as there was not a quorum present and he has to return in a week's time when he hopes there will be an end to the business; reports having met the new parson of Llandysul and others who were coming up to London to consult Sir John about some challenge to the parson's authority; has again had an application for the purchase of the Rofft and lands with an offer of £500 for them from John Trevalyn to whom he suggested a lease instead but he wants only to purchase as he was born there; he had supposed the levies for soldiers meat and drink would cease but when he left Trevalyn they had begun again although he could see only a few officers and the foot soldiers in the two castles; recommends Robert Sontley, esq. to be a Justice; will try to buy 2 good hogs or gilts at Wem fair to make bacon for recipient.


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