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Samuel Wood (Trevalyn) to Sir John Trevor, MP (Cannon Row, Westminster): was detained longer than expected at Shrewsbury because the Committee had so much business; '… as for Gresford I was this evening in Chester moved to write to you on the behalf of one Mr Golbourne my neighbour, born of very honest and religious parents, a fine acute divine and of good life and age fit for such a place as Gresford who is nephew to Mr Cartwright the bookseller. He is Master of Arts of many years standing and a fine preacher and being weary of his place he is in (near to Gloucester) is willing to come nearer home and I myself did ? move him to consider of this place and then he was afraid of the Welsh and the wife and children (though I am confident he will soon learn the language) but now his brother in Chester spake to me this evening about it … but I told him how forward you were already for a grave divine … only if need be I think he may serve this place well …'; his difficulties in getting in money to pay commitments but assures recipient he will do his best; comments on the gardener's contract with his former employer; '… the men who have the Commission for the excise have been in Wrexham and spoken of it there and one of them voluntarily offered John Trevalyn a collector's place under them. This man was lately a Cornet here and hath some pretty means by marriage of a gentlewoman , a widow lately. The others I cannot yet learn what they are but if one Hanmer that we hear to be one be the Hanmer I guess, he is a very sufficient man indeed and they say they have entered into £2000 bond; suggests sending some goods by wagon or cart to Chester; hopes shortly to get his Lady some more trenchers and linen but urges recipient to make an inventory of them as his wife fears some napkins are missing; 'linen cloth here (I mean housewives' cloth) is higher price than usually heretofore but if you please to send word what manner of cloth whether of hemp or flax and of what fineness and what quality I will send up some to try how cheap or dear my Lady think it to be, but I know she would have it whitened'; '… I am informed by a Committee man that General M. pressed earnestly to have a chaplain preferred to our parish church here, but was withstood by his brother-in-law Sir T. ?M. or W. and others because you were engaged for it and thereupon he was hastily sent up with letters from General M. to you … I must ingeniously confess that the gentleman is held an honest man and competent in learning and doth deserve a place of preferment having also done service faithfully in the wars'; thanks recipient for past favours to his son S. but does not hink he would be willing to serve as less than a Captain or Cornet of Horse.


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