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Samuel Wood (Chester) to Sir John Trevor, MP (Cannon Row, Westminster): financial arrangements involving Sir Evan Lloyd and Mr Arthur Trevor; the legal position regarding Plas Evan in Allington and the possibility of it being offered for sale or mortgaged in which case writer recommends recipient try to prove his claim to it - 'the truth is the house is ready almost to fall but Sir Evan was the last day saying he would repair it and place an innkeeper and vintner there … '; 'I am sorry to hear of Mr Vicar Lloyd's forwardness … or of his son's weakness … but I never had any intimation of it before from any nor did the father intimate any such thing taken in offence … '; the mills have not been taken down as they were supposed to be by now and John Griffiths will come to see them before he returns to London so that he can make an affidavit accordingly; ' … the Major stirs little yet but that I heard he said they should not go down whilst his time lasteth which I think will not be long for yesterday Mr Kenrick Eyton and Major Manley came to Holt with the Commander in Chief at Denbigh and were at Holt Castle with a message from Denbigh which staggered them much to hear for it is believed Holt will not continue long for Denbigh is now in preparing to part with it and many men's goods are there which for ought I can gather are now like to be theirs again. Colonel Carter hath been there this last week and is not returned but I have waited at Wrexham for the coming of the General and him to the Committee as they sent word but were not come yesternight …'; thinks no progress can be made in settling the mill dispute until they have a sheriff; he wishes those who have long come to recipient's mill not to suffer any ill usage to put them off doing so and has warned the present miller of this and is thinking of seeking a better one; has heard a rumour that the mill will be taken down soon and believes it emanates from the miller himself; has got all the plate in a closet in the house; will send upthe rental for the year shortly but regrets it is much reduced; reports that recipient's mother's health shows no signs of improvement and Sir Evan is thinking about preparations for her funeral but the writer does not think her death is so imminent but that she may last several more weeks; she has had another physician with her all the past week and 'a divine of her own sending for one Mr Meredith near Denbigh and the house is so full as the rooms will receive and all the attendants …'; 'Sir Evan Lloyd had an order for taking all his goods out of Denbigh Castle and had many out and when the siege came before it they would afterward let him have out no more so he hath in yet 2 fouling guns, a large brass pan and some chairs and stools, etc. and pictures which cost him £50 for these now the Commander in Chief tells him he must get a special order from the Committee above else he cannot have them on other terms …'; Sir Evan begs recipient to put in a word for him with the Committee because he has compounded; writer summarises the questions to which Sir Evan would like an answer.


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