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Samuel Wood (Chester) to Sir John Trevor (Little St Bartholomew's, London): dealings with the vicar about some lands heis very keen to take possession of; a general fall in prices; 'the grinding at your mills is reported far and near to be better than ever they knew and yet the farmer tells me some both tenants and others grind away for what reasons I yet know not …'; his plans to hep the widow and provide her with the land she desires; 'I have by accident met with a friend and acquaintance of mine who hath occasion into these parts from Suffolk and brought one of his plotting instruments down with him. Him have I this day set on work to make a plot of the site of your house at Trevalyn and the orchard and gardens because I saw your desire to have it took the first opportunity…'; intercedes on behalf of Mr White of Liverpool, one of the old customs searchers there, who has been accused of malpractice by the new searchers.


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