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Samuel Wood (Chester) to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): trouble he has had in concluding some business regarding land between Mr Weston and John Trevalyn because the latter had felled some trees on the property; dealings with Mr Santhey's son-in-law, Ball; arrangements for suffering a recovery of the lands purchased from Nicholas Lloyd ; 'The mending of Plas Teg house I had rather have ?Jennyns to perform it than any other for it is a reasonable bargain to do it for 20s p.a., if I bargain with another he will not do it so cheap nor any better than he therefore I bear with him for this breach of time a little but now I have sent these for him I perceive he will come ere long for he hatth not his ? pay yet'; since lady Trevor has gone up to London the asparagus has gone to seed for want of cutting; the 3 laurestines recipient last sent are growing but the previous ones are slow; it has been so wet 'no houses could hold out nor any level grounds endure it, much barley in all this country cannot be saved …'; describes the boundaries of Mr Yale's ground; has heard recipient may be omitted from the assessment for payment of subsidies; '… John Randles' son is a pretty youth and well behaved and I hear not of any fault he hath...'


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