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S[amuel] W[ood] (Wrexham) to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row): writer was delaying on attending the Lord he had previously been asked to go to because not only was he a little lame but the journey was long and at present dangerous … 'yet if the way were as [it hath] been or that county so quiet that a man might have gone through it (nay ? at one's own horse without danger (if not of any other thing) yet […] of his horse to be taken from him I had been there ere now …' but has let him know that 'as soon as the way became clearer I would God willing do it and I hope I may now pass quieter for the streams are now (the most of them) emptied into Chester and the bordering towns in Shropshire, but there is a watch at … bridge over Dee and all men searched for the most part …'; asks a favour on behalf of George Kynaston; '… we are all I praise God in health in your house though have not been in peace yet God be praised not much harried as yet …'; 'as of late it appears I believe the old curate had been fitter and fairer conditioned by much in this bearer's parish than the new is. My ground is from what I hear from many credible persons but I am no informer by profession nor with any will ?...


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