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Samuel Wood (Trevalyn) to Sir John Trevor, MP (Cannon Row, Westminster): has received the grafts [of trees, etc.] but Mr Marshall is very unhappy about them as they were only packed in dry hay and he does not think they will grow; prices and rents are very low and getting worse and money is scarce; 'The £2000 I wrote of in my last is increased to £3000 and the news of the Parliament's order for disbanding with a month's pay (which this £3000 I think will not satisfy) hath brought to Wrexham on Tuesday 3 companies of foot (most of Sadler's and Chrichley's men) and these have taken and imprisoned Colonel Jones, Lieutenant Colonel Twissleton, Colonel Sontley and many others - yea Major Sadler and Captain Chrichley and Mr Edisbury (who had nothing to do with soldiery) and keep them prisoners in the church with a guard and laid wait for the General and Colonel Pope and Colonel Carter and Mr Ball and me as I am told who have nothing to do with them neither. The General escaped by them at Wrexham town side but the soldiers shot 28 muskets after him and is in Holt Castle with Colonel Pope and they say he will be seized and have sent men to Conwy Castle for to fetch hence Colonel Carter. They as yet have done no violence to any. I hear of disarming all men which do come with weapons to town. They say they have sent for more companies, some of their officers are in town but stir not nor do any thing. It may be they dare not. They have not any officers amongst them but a sergeant or two and some corporals. They will not be satisfied they say unless they may have their shares of the goods and spoils of Holt, Flint, Ruthin, Denbigh and Conwy and some other castles and all their pay be paid and some other demands. Now this is an ill time to set lands in or raise moneys or to [go] abroad to get and stay at home to keep it being gotten but I hope some order will be taken ere long or else it will be very ill. The country also hereabouts are mightily affronted at the excise which was endeavoured to be set at foot at Wrexham the last week but could do nothing in it only they threatened to be killed and the like to John Trevalyn who did but keep them company in their lodging. Certainly it must not be attempted here till all contributions cease and things better settled for this country is very sore with the pullings of the long and continual charges they have suffered above other places …'; encloses a letter from Mr Vicar Lloyd's son; asks him for favours and directions regarding Mr John Lloyd and Mr Samuel Lloyd; writer cannot write more as he is suffering an ague.


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