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Samuel Wood (Trevalyn) to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row): has just returned from Shrewsbury Assizes; legal details concerning the purchase of Nicholas Lloyd's lands; other business involving Mr Santhey, Mr Allington, widow George and others in relation to a house and land in Gresford and Ri' Evans regarding a certain outstanding payment; as recipient has indicated he does not wish to buy Mr Santhey's lands Mr Deputy Sheriff is keen to do so as is also the Bishop on whose behlf the vicar has been to see the writer; gives details of the copyhold property sold to recipient by John David ap John and of the conveyance from Edward Price Wyn of lands near Plas Teg - 'this land and all the lands about Plas Teg is now in a plot [plan] which could not well be done unless he made the park the centre and wrought all the rest into the plot to it neither [do] I remember that you mentioned that the house and parks were plotted before, neither was this any great labour but only going about the park wall once.'; Sir Paul Harries had asked to know recipient's mind regarding young Miss Lewis as an Anglesey gentleman was interested in her for his son and had asked Sir Paul's help; comments on Mr Powell's unexpected actions and writer's plans to deal with him; his dealings with Mr Trevalyn and Sir Thomas Mostyn.


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