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Samuel Wood to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): will meet Lord Neuport and give him what recipient has appointed; comments on the writer's son and his plans; writer's wife has sent recipient 2 flitches of bacon 'not scalded as they use here generally but singed' and also intends to send 4 or 6 fatted hens; cannot get in the rents because nothing will sell 'no not all manner of corn now soldiers are so many about us for malsters say they dare not buy lest they be presently plundered. I praise God we are as yet free from it though we and my Lady ? and many others here have been 20 times sorely threatened … and yet are in some fear of it notwithstanding we have good friends amongst the Commissioners. This night late came a booty hard by us taken by one that is a relation not far off. There were never so many soldiers at once in Chester as now and the most are out of Wales. What he designs I know not … Thus praying for peace though I see no likelihood as yet I present my humble service...'


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