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Samuel Wood (Trevalyn) to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): gives his opinion of various clergymen - 'this gent Mr Ellis takes me in haste before I had time to write, being with him to hear him yesterday I mad all the enquiry I could and find that all of the better sort dogive him good respect and value him as he is worth, only such as fancy Mr Owens stand off a little. Mr Worden [?Norden] heard him yesterday morning with great approbation and I do believe he will prove a stout and discreet man and be winning on his flock every day for he puts on patience as well as stout resolutions. My Lady hath often invited him to dine or sup with her and he as often promised but something or other letted it that he did not, therefore ? she took his breach of promise therein a little unkindly but I did all I could to salve it and excuse it with truth and she was well and will be better satisfied when I next wait on her and tell her the cause. She hath been very earnest for Mr Owens continuing curate but that is broke off and he proves a perverse man and my Lady declares herself to me privately that if either she may have Mr Owens till Michaelmas that she removes or may have English prayers in the evening from a good reader she is content to let Mr Owens go and he hath promised me she shall …'; his dealings with Mr Kynaston about a payment and Mr Trevalyn about his sale to Mr Weston; arrangements for obtaining another horse if the expected one does not come; cannot find a good tenant at Chester for Rofft - 'they are wavering and uncertain sometimes in hope of Ireland forthwith and many gone already, some also gone towards London and other places further off fromt eh North now it is empty. We have every day some filching or knavery done here but I mean to put some into it on condition to depart whenever I have a tenant ready and I hope they will keep things safer yet I will have them men of good fashion and will have engagements from their friends to remove thence and do no damage there...'


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