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[Samuel Wood] to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): has just returned from Welshpool and has sent letters, etc., by various means though it appears some did not arrive; 'I have here but 3 beds of any worth, one is that my Lady brought hither with her and is the best you have and very good both tick and feathers in it. Another my Lady Tirringham left you here is a pretty good one but not like to the other, the third is meaner than either of the other though I think it be down. To these we have but 2 bolsters and 2 pillows. There are here also 5 blankets, some better, some worse, the best were here before my Lady came and one new white ? and none else [save] quilts but such as are coarse and worn much …'; needs word if he is to send any of these, carriage of which will be dear...[letter incomplete].


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