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Samuel Wood (Trevalyn) to Sir John Trevor, MP (Cannon Row, Westminster): reports on their position as regards taxes - 'as for our taxations they talk of renewing the old one (besides the 60,000 per month) but it is not yet set on foot. I have made use of Mr John Wright to sound the Governor of Holt in the matter of affection and faithfulness …'; various financial matters; cannot recomment any in that hundred as fit to become JPs except perhaps Mr Owen Brereton, Mr John Edisbury, Mr William Edwards of Eyton near Sir Gerard Eyton (but no familiar of his) who was once the Coroner or Mr John Peck or Mr Thomas Ball - 'The 2 first named you well know their several dispositions to be contrary in many things, the third married Sir Thomas P's sister but was never in favour with him and is a good solid man but cares not I believe for the place. Mr Peck's mind I know not - he is Mr Edisbury's kinsman or allianceman of pretty good means (but not in lands hereabouts). The last I think you know to be of small means here and I think not desirous of the place but I had forgotten one very able man in this parish Mr Robert Cawley who bought most of Mr James Lewis' means in Gwersyllt and dwells there but I fear his perpetual ague (as he tells us) will not fit him and the place, otherwise he hath or had prime abilities in him (if this ague be not indeed a little flaw, in capite, but I think he desires it not. His means are at least £100 p.a., of such as are so qualified as you write you see how few we have and indeed of all these I do think you will not think above 2 or 3 suitable to your liking. My neighbour Mr B. had he means and were willing would do as well as any of them being so long ? up in the Committee house as he hath been …'; the cheese at Plas Teg is worth about 35s a hundredweight and is of the best quality 'as good cheese as any of the ordinary Cheshire cheese that comes up to London and that will be as dear meat for servants as any you can buy by that time the carriage be paid for, but the first hundred set aside you may boldly I verily think present to your friends that love cheese and may if you please have as many of the rest that is left [out of 150] as you please for your servants. Bacon I fear will be very scarce and dear this dear year …'; 'Colonel Jones is now coming up Knight for the county of Merioneth and he and some other neighbours do press me to the reserving of Mr Key to the chapel … [I] have not given them hope of any more from you but only the old allowance which was 4 marks not 7 nobles and he is very well pleased with this answer so that I think after he hath preached here once more they will get such a petition as you direct that the £15 p.a. may be gotten. I am not yet satisfied how he came to his outward calling to be a preacher but that is not much stood upon in this age and I believe all he will do at this chapel will be to preach and teach scholars not to meddle with the Sacraments and so I think our present curate that officiates here at the parish church and is ordered to have 50s per week will do no more but officiate by prayers and preaching and no more, though I could wish that both here and at this chapel there were an order set down for catechising children for that would do more good than preaching to those that are not catechised. Many men talk of an ancient divine to be at our parish church never is nor can be as yet found out'; Lord Bridgewater's tenants have started to complain about the new weir fearing floods as does everyone and they will soon see what difference there is between having the weir and the causeway as opposed to the causeway only; has not seen or heard more from recipient's cousin J. Gr. about his application to purchase some property.


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