Scope and Content

Letters from Ernest Axon, (1868-1947), librarian and antiquarian.

Attached are notes, a bank balance sheet with notes on and cuttings from the Manchester Guardian concerning Lancashire, Ancoats Old Hall, inns and the railways.

12/1 15 Mar 1903, reply to a letter from Tait, referring to an inscription on "the Glasgow manuscript" Axon could not work out as well as the 1320 ownership of the Moston hundred. He also sends Tait a working "pedigree of Chorlton." Attached are several notes by Tait and cuttings apparently relating to this topic (6 pieces).

12/2 25 Jul 1917, giving Tait information from manuscripts concerning the death of Mr Hoghton in a riot in 1590.

12/3 4 Nov 1917, regarding Tait's' article on the Book of Sports, [English Historical Review vol.xxxii, 1917 pp.561-8], in which he comments on The Manchester Sessions, edited by Axon [Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, 1901]. Considers Tait's' comments unfair and includes another, in his opinion, fairer review.

12/41 Jan 1918, praises a new publication by the Chetham Society [Lancashire Quarter Session Records, edited by Tait (1917)], going on to add little pieces of information Tait may have overlooked and asks for his opinion.

12/5 29 Apr 1924, asks if "Dam House," in Tait's "Lancashire Sessions," is referred to as this in the records and why he gives no address for "Thos Mort."

12/6 18 May 1938, concerning Tait's survey of the Chetham Society, showing his approval, particularly as it may increase membership. He suggests the title "The Chetham Society's ninety five years' work" and suggests a push to increase the number of those involved as it would provide funds for transcripts etc. and mean less reliance on volunteers.