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From J[esse] A[lfred] Twemlow (1867-1954), historian.

/1 4 Dec 1927, personal circumstances affecting his research.

/2 2 Feb 1928, passes on information on "The consistory court of the diocese of Gloucester" by F.S. Hockady, which may be of interest.

/3 6 Apr 1936, asks of advice on letters patent granting liberties to Liverpool, 1207, and the introduction of a common seal for Liverpool; attachs a photo of a seal (Liverpool's?) from Wigan Public Library.

/4 14 Apr 1936, discussion of Liverpool's borough seal, attached is a note in Tait's handwriting, reviewing R Stewart-Brown's The inhabitants of Liverpool from the 14th to the18th century. [private printing 1930].

/5 10 Feb 1937, re. Tait's comment in Medieval English borough (p. 322) on origins of the name 'mayor' being due to foreign influence and replacement of office of reeve by bailiff; feels might have modified views if had read Twemlow's second volume of the Liverpool town records.

/6 2 May 1939, thanks for articles, discusses charter of Runcorn-Norton Priory; also discusses legal mechanisms for appropriation.

/7 30 May 1939, Chetham Society volume [NS 100 Chetham Miscellanies, New Series, vol.vii (1939)] which included article by Tait on Runcorn priory and Joseph McNulty's "Thomas Sotheron v. Cockersand abbey: a suit as to the advowson of Mitton church, 1369-1370"; comments on his dealings with McNulty, and has noted errors in his article.

/8 6 Sep 1942, asks he can spare two copies of an offprints, refers to a work by "Mrs V" [Joan Varley] which has been delayed by the War [A Middlewich cartulary, vol.2, (1944) co-edited with Tait).