Scope and Content

From Sir Paul Gavrilovitch Vinogradoff, (1864-1925), historian and jurist.

225/1 12 Feb 1903, asks for assistance with Journal of Social and Economic History (German publication), which is being expanded, suggesting might supply article or review on medieval municipal history.

225/2 22 Feb 1903, thanks for support concerning the journal, and asks if he could review the Victoria County History, particularly important for Domesday.

225/3 2 Mar 1903, thanks for offering to review Victoria County History; refers meaning of "waynage" to include crops, attached a note in Tait's hand, and a postcard from Felix Liebermann (1851-1925, German historian), on meaning of word waynage (dated 1912?).

225/4 13 Sep 1903, thanks for his review of Victoria County History, publications details.

Dated at: 31 Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells [Kent].