Bundle of letters

Scope and Content

From J[ohn] Brownbill, (1856-1931), antiquarian and historian; Brownbill was an editor of the Lancashire volumes of the Victoria County History, to which Tait contributed a number of articles.

33/1 25 Apr 1905, encloses notes including Coram Rege rolls, discusses Tait's research on monastic cells.

33/2 25 Jun 1907, discusses "tribal hidage" (with attached notes), and origins of word "Watling".

33/3 18 Sep 1907, restoring chantry lists to Tait's article [VCH Lancaster, vol. 2]; hospitals and almshouses in Preston and Lancaster, origin of name "Burscough" [Burscough Priory].

33/4 18 Sep 1907, notes that "Burscough" spelt as "Burgasted" in 1189-98 according to Farrer's pipe roll volume, location of Magdalen Hospital, Preston.

33/5 23 Sep 1907, notes Tait working on Cheshire Domesday, offers his notes on this, potential of "Deanery hidage" for research; differences between Lancashire hides and ploughland.

33/6 10 Feb 1911, asks to borrow F Baring's Domesday tables for Berkshire for research on tribal hidage.

33/7 25 Jun 1915, textual revision to "Clergy list" [i.e. Brownbill's List of clergymen... in the diocese of Chester, 1691... (Chetham Society 1915)]; expresses wish that episcopal and parish documents were properly protected in record offices.

33/8 2 Jul 1915, textual changes to Brownbill's article.

33/9 30 Jul 1915, location of "Coucher II" document, Brownbill's name on to the page of Victoria County History.

33/10 15 Sep 1915, amendments location of "Hoyland".

33/11 24 Oct 1915, corrections [to Coucher book of Furness Abbey].

33/12 6 Nov 1915, further amendments to his text.

33/14 7 Dec 1915, place names - inc "Brotherhulkil", may be "Butterilkel" identified by Tait.

33/15 10 Dec 1915, more on "Butterilkel"; also "Arnolfby" [Arnaby].

33/16 29 Sep 1916, petitions about Bishop of Durham in 14th century discusses his research;

33/17 4 Mar 1917, edition of the "Coucher" [i.e. J Brownbill The Coucher book of Furness Abbey, which Brownbill edited in three volumes for the Chetham Society between 1915-1919].

33/18 26 Jul 1917, discusses opposition to rushbearing ceremonies, reasons for their suppression under Commonwealth as "Sabbath breaking".

33/19 3 Oct 1917, third part of the Coucher Book of Furness, refers to story of poisoning of the abbot.

33/20 13 Feb 1923, discusses the Inverness charters, his transcript of Congleton charter.

33/21 12 Jun 1923, queries meaning of word "furbote" in Scottish charters.

33/22 31 Oct 1924, informs the edition at printers (Victoria County History), comments on William Farrer's methods of editing.

33/23 9 Sep 1928, pleased to hear Tait approves of his "West Kirby" book, now writing on Bidston parish genealogy of Mountjoy family, giving his views on the marriage of Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy and Penelope Rich, and doubts a liaison between Penelope and Philip Sidney (with attached note).

33/24 1 Mar 1929, re. medieval divorce and position of inheritance; working on genealogy of "Masey's ?of Dun".

33/25 29 Apr 1929 sends Tait a booklet (not present) which appears to relate to Lancaster charters.

33/26 fragment of calculations of hidage.