Scope and Content

Letters from Una Apps, historian.

9/1 28 Feb 1943, Reply to a letter from Tait. She asks about his article in the English Historical Review "Knight-Service in Cheshire," in which he noted unusual feudal services attached to the military tenure of land at Bodstock. Queries whether these duties are in agricultural services, originating from the "radmons" in the Domesday Book, lasting into the thirteenth century. She goes on to compare the opinions of other historians and ask for his opinion on the type of military service performed by the "muntatorii." She also enquires about the word "Walcheria."

9/2 10 Mar 1943, thanks him for his reply and goes on to discuss the connections between the "muntatorii," and the castle guard. Summarises her research on the "muntatorii's fees.".

9/3 11 Apr 1943, thanks him for his help with her studies and for writing to a "Mr Johnson," on her behalf. [see also TAI/1/116].

9/4 May 1944, thanks Tait for his help through the writing of her thesis on "The Welsh Border Shires." She informs him that at his suggestion she expanded her work to include not only the peasantry but the gentry and baronage.

9/5[ No year but prob. 1944.] Informs Tait she has been awarded her Doctorate of Philosophy [University of Leeds] and acknowledges his help. The external examiner Frank Stenton required her to tell him that it was one of the best theses he had ever read. She hopes to write an article for the English Historical Review but currently looking for a position as a school teacher.