Bundle of letters

Scope and Content

From William Farrer (1861-1924), historian and genealogist. Editor with John Brownbill of the Victoria History of the County of Lancaster, 8 vols., (1906-1914).

72/1 14 Dec 1903, thanks for comments on the "Domesday chapter", refers to comments he made on Dalton charters, will revise his Domesday in Lancashire article in accordance with Tait's suggestions.

72/2 17 Dec 1903, notes evidence of Walney and Millom linking of manors in one area to a capital manor in another.

72/3 27 Jan 1904, provides a list of transcript of medieval documents in his possession; unable to locate the Archdeaconry of Richmond registers; gives a list of cartularies which are in private possession, which he feels Doubleday should be able to get.

72/4 15 Feb 1904, encloses volumes on Burscough cartulary and notes from Richmond registers; asks for return of other material.

72/5 21 Feb 1904, a chapel at "Kelquinole" [?]. Fishwick's work on Lytham parish.

72/6 29 Feb 1904, sending a copy of document on Harrington farm, 1464, and will send list of priors of Burscough not heard of since the Reformation.

72/7 19 Mar, 1904, further on his research into Furness abbey, Burscough abbey and Flixton church; will send transcripts of Cockersands visitations when ready.

72/8 27 Apr, 1904, encloses Furness material; discusses Furness further.

72/9 n.d. [1904?], Thomas Gulley's first wife "Xeonia Sedet".

72/10 1 Nov 1904, Preston hospital, Holland Dale, rentals and surveys of Lancashire religious houses etc.; returns Tait's note (attached) and answers his queries.

72/11 a note on the Priors of Burscough [c.1904?]

72/12 4 Feb 1905, sends info on St Mary Magdalen Preston, asks Tait's opinion on church lands in Newton hundred mentioned in Domesday book.

72/13 14 Feb 1905, Newton manor and parish abbots of Cockersand.

72/14 note in Tait's hand "To ask Farrer" re dates of installation of chaplains to Holland-in-Alyrton, Date of Coneweyll's resignation.

72/15 27 May 1905, has some queries concerning Medieval Manchester.... [3 documents].

72/16 26 Jul 1905, queries re feudal baronage.

72/17 holograph note (Farrer) Kirkby genealogy.

72/18 29 Aug 1905, sends volumes ask for return on notes on monastic houses.

72/19 18 Sep 1905, States that he cannot help with Tait's enquiry about Richard de Holand of Carlegh or when Henry de Lea was beheaded. Sends copies of assize rolls which provide information on disturbances in Lancashire. He can also send transcript of various rolls, referring to interesting items in presentments from wapentake courts. Thanks Tait for correcting the dates in Coram Rege roll 254. Also additional information on the Holland family genealogy.

72/20 not dated but similar subject matter to [c.1905?] concerning Robert de Hokald and other Lancashire individuals.

72/21 11 Nov 1905, Bromley "mistaken " about Richard de Chadderton, information on priors of Burscough abbey (attached list).

72/22 6 May 1906, asks for manuscripts on Salford and Manchester rentals; discusses various feudal extents and aids at various locations.

72/23 7 May 1906, identity of Adam, dean of Kirkham, and his namesake dean of Lancaster; Wyredale Abbey.

72/24 25 May 1907, his honorary D.Litt. from Manchester, to which he believes he owes something to Tait, will miss 10 July ceremony, sends proofs of second part of Lancashire inquests, extents, and feudal aids [1907] relating to Manchester.

72/25 28 May 1907, thanks for Tait's comments on above; publications details for Lancashire inquests....

72/26 17/18 Sep 1907, thanks for Tait's articles, comments on details on numerous points relating to Lancashire placenames etc. [in two parts].

72/27 21 Sep 1907, cannot locate the "Ashworth Ms." 14th century ordination lists.

72/28 26 Jan 1908, enquiry re. cornage and drengage in medieval northern England.

72/29 2 Nov 1908, Davis's calendar of early charters, location of charters in Public Record Office, Westmorland charters in his possession, Yorkshire charters sends copies of cartulary of St Martin, and the charter of Clitheroe Castle.

72/30 6 Feb 1909, funding of the Victoria County History, suggests completion of the project lies with the public and would be "a national disgrace if the work had to be abandoned for want of help and support".

72/31 4 Oct 1909, dating of a papal charter Aimeric as chancellor, church as Askham.

72/32 6 Sep 1913, cutting from Manchester Evening News 6 Sep 1913 on Longsight, Manchester.

72/33 5 Dec 1914, thanks for offering to read proofs of Early Yorkshire charters; queries identity of "Robert don of William" - was it Robert lord of Alfreton or Robert constable of Flamborough, son of William of Daresbury?

72/34 2 Mar 1915, St Werburgh cartulary, Duchy of Lancaster chancellors.

72/35 26 Mar 1915, St Werburgh transcripts; Raines ms.

72/36 17 Apr 1915, advice on publication of St Werburgh charters; discusses Richmond archdiocese records, Palatinate Lancashire records at the PRO, PRO staff unsympathetic to work on northern counters; cannot publish offers his transcript and abstracts on Lancashire if Chetham Society wants them.

72/37 27 Apr 1915, asks for advice on charters of Henry I.

72/38 5 May 1915, Confusion over the identity and dating of a charter and as such will be "relegated to an appendix," because he only wanted to use them as a comparision. Difficulties of identifying crown officials can be dealt with by bringing charters together. Refers to access to Bury St. Edmunds charters at Cambridge, noting those relating to Henry I.

72/39 12 May 1915, his recent trip to Hereford. Refers to Malham charters and discusses a reference from an unidentified document concerning land ownership.

72/40 23 May 1915, sends remainder of this Early English charters; his research on land tax 18th century.

72/41-42 27-29 May 1915, re. work on "Early Yorkshire charters".

72/43 1 Jul 1915, suggests wealthy Lancastrians might support Chetham Society publication of Lancashire Quarter Sessions records.

72/44 2 Aug 1915, Brownbill to make abstracts of (Lancashire) assize rolls.

72/45 18 Sep 1915, Quarter Sessions records, work on "Early Yorkshire charters", the itinerary of Henry I.

72/46 29 Sep 1915, Quarter session records. Asks Tait wether he should include an appendix of the twelfth court charters.

72/47 10 Feb1916, ask for advice on hidage; discusses 12th century meaning of "shire".

72/48 9 Mar 1916, Pipe Rolls Society; difficulties with publication of Quarter Sessions records, asks for University could lobby Lancs County council to publish; news of J H Round.

72/49 29 Jun 1917, discusses Prof Sedgefield's book The place names of Cumberland and Westmorland (1915).

72/50 28 Oct 1919, re. Sloan mss at the British Museum; his imminent move from Carnforth to Grange-over-Sands, continuing work on Yorkshire charters.

72/51 29 Mar 1923, editing hearth tax records.

72/52 5 Apr 1923, Asserts that his research on Salford hundred is sufficient for book. Comments on the High Wycombe borough charter in "Ballard's work," also refers to the Charter of Liberties.

72/53 10 May 1923, Earl Ranulf's gift of Combe to Bordesley Abbey, Canon Forster's assistance on Lincolnshire tenements, asks for Tait to read proofs given his expertise on Chester earls baron.

72/54 fragment of letter relating to hearth and land taxes.

72/55 postcard stamped Oct 1923, suggest books on history of local taxation; pleased to hear about fragment on Inquest of Sheriffs 1170.

Dated at: Hall Garth, Carnforth, except /51-53, Whitebarrow, Grange-over-Sands.