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From W H B Bird; 26/1 20 Dec 1918, refers to a Calendar of Close Rolls which he is editing for publication [pres. Calendar of the close rolls preserved in the Public Record Office (HMSO 1927-1938]; notes a type of writ encountered in the Rolls concerning grants of pension in Richard II's reign, and batch of writs of annuities for Lancashire men, and asks for more information.

26/2 11 Jan [1919?], refers to a conversation with Deputy Keeper [Public Record Office] concerning the return of an archive which has been removed due to the War; Tait has obviously replied on the Lancashire writs of annuities, suggests they may a disaffected group in the Duchy, Tait has mentioned disturbances in 1393 but did know about an "affray of 1350 [Lancashire being stronghold of Richard II's enemies]".