Bundle of letters

Scope and Content

From William Page, (1861-1934), historian and General Editor of the Victoria County History.

162/1 23 Jun 1905, thanks Tait for his section of the "Ecclesiastical History," and Whalley Abbey [for the Victoria County History of Lancashire]. Said Tait could include a map of the parishes in 1291 as long as it could be made to fit a page because they could not put in a folding map. Discusses deadlines and rates of pay.

162/2 4 Dec 1906, thanks Tait for his recommendations of authors for a geology article. Pleased that Tait had undertaken to translate the Cheshire Domesday and notified him that the Shropshire Domesday was to be sent to him soon, whilst those for Nottingham and Devon had been sent. Sympathises with Tait on the death of "Miss Bateson," and talks of his own loss. He also notes that her death has left him in need of someone to finish her work on the history on London.

162/3 3 May 1907, informs Tait that his sub-editor, a Domesday specialist, had added some notes to Tait's work for clarification. Stated that the Lancashire work, volume 2 was in the hands of [W.A.] Shaw who had promised to submit his before the end of the month. (notes attached to letter).

162/4 16 Feb 1915, thinks the Cheshire Domesday was not to be one of the next counties looked at. Agreed to follow Tait's suggestion and return it to him so that when they got to Cheshire he could send them a new piece. Notes that although ten counties of the history had been finished the war had effected the enterprise and so it would not be published yet.

162/5 30 April 1919, regarding the suggestion of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge to publish a "Late Latin Dictionary," who had asked the Public Record Office and Page for help. Asked him to be the editor of the volume, for a fee of £100, although he would have to employ his own assistance.

162/6 30 Mar 1922, sent him a query about a manuscript, from St Clair Baddeley working on the history of Berkeley. Stresses the difficulty of accessing pertinent documents because of the war.

162/7 14 Sep 1922, thanks him for a postcard and for reading the proof of a book on London he was publishing. Informs him of move to Sussex "on the 26th," partly due to work and partly due to a "strained heart".

162/8 13 Mar 1923 (incomplete), concerning a Chetham Society volume, (hearth tax returns?). States he is too busy to take on any more editing projects.

162/9 15 Aug 1928, an imminent holiday to Scotland. Sends Round's paper upon return and offers to send Powicke a copy. Congratulates him on writing a memorial article for the English Historical Review on Round [vol XLIII]. Hopes to publish a memorial volume on Round as he left several unpublished articles. Describes Round's strange habits and the arrangements made for his property.

162/10 23 Nov 1928, Thanks him for offering to read Round's "Garrison Theory of the Borough." Calls it "strong and convincing," but "flogging a dead horse." States that Round wrote The History and Antiquities of Colchester Castle,, as proved by a copy inscribed to his father, but believes its anonymous publication was needless.

162/11, 27 Jun 1929, an unfinished article by Round on "Burh-bot and Brig-bot" [feudal obligations relating to repair of defences and bridges], which he hopes to publish, asks if Tait can look at it.

162/12 6 Jul 1929, thanks for commenting on Round's article, and will adopt suggestions.

162/13 23 Jul 1930, sends copy of Round's posthumous work [presumably Family origins and other studies / edited with a memoir and bibliography by William Page, (London 1930]. Discusses his work on disposing of Round's papers (suggests Essex Archaeological Society, Institute of Historical Research and House of Lords Library as possible destinations).

162/14 14 Sep 1930, thanks for his appreciation of the Round volume; notes it was a "great labour" to complete the Round bibliography.