Bundle of letters

Scope and Content

From H[enry] W[ordsworth] Clemesha, (1873-1926), solicitor and antiquarian. Clemesha was a former pupil of Tait's at Owens College, and author of, inter alia, A History of Preston in Amounderness (Manchester 1912).

45/1 19 Feb 1900, discusses article by Mary Bateson, asks for opinion on various issues on medieval Preston.

45/2 19 Jun 1900, his work on the Preston gild.

45/3 3 Jun 1902, encloses a review from the Preston Guardian, asks whether privilege of a grant of a gild merchant could be exercised by the town council.

45/4 29 Dec 1902, re. an entry in Preston Court leet records, a 1685 prohibition of making shoes from horse leather; also quasi-criminal powers for the court leet; attached are notes on Preston Council 1662 (in Tait's hand) and cuttings (1901-1909) relating to Preston and Clemesha's work.

45/5 31 Jan 1903, asks if can provide opinion on horse leather, and makes another query on the price of ale.

45/6 3 Jun 1905, asks if can offer opinion on his introduction to the Court leet.

45/7 24 May 1910, discovery by Mr Jeayes of British Museum that Henry's II charter to Newcastle under Lyme is an exemplification by Edward II of Henry III's charter, attached is cutting from Preston Guardian concerning same (Preston's documents had been sent to British Museum).

45/8 28 Jun 1910, meaning of word "liberty" in Duchy of Lancaster; asks if Tait had come across meaning that was more than a manor.

45/9 1 Jul 1910, also on "liberty" re Liberty of Furness, considers it can be understood as an "over-riding estate". Also sends sections of his history of Preston for comment [not present]; second page of letter is missing.

45/10 3 Nov 1910, queries about Preston parish church in 14th century.

45/11 10 Jul 1917, use of juries for courts leet and baron.

45/12 31 Oct 1922, records of sheriff's county court - cannot be traced, asks if Tait has any information.