Bundle of Letters

Scope and Content

From Ronald Stewart-Brown (1872-1940), historian and antiquarian.

209/1 6 Jul 1922, discusses Flint plea rolls, does not believe as important as Cheshire ones.

209/2 26 Jan 1925, discusses various issues relating to fines and amercements, Inquest of Service.

209/3 11 Feb 1925, discusses knight's fees in medieval Cheshire.

209/4 26 Sep 1925, re. the "independence" of palatinate of Chester, and the general eyre in Chester in 1353.

209/5 7 Jan 1926, Calendar of Chester Court Rolls and the Black Prince's Cheshire register [ Exchequer [Treasury of Receipt] Book, no.144].

209/6 16 Sep 1926, Cheshire register of Black Prince, possible calendaring, and reviews of Chester Court Rolls.

209/7 [n.d. 1927-8?], encloses a review by Theodore Plucknett, (1897-1965, legal historian), of Calendar of Chester Court Rolls from Harvard law Review, June 1927. Wonders if Plucknett will write a lengthier notice.

209/8 3 Sep [1930?], plans for new history of Cheshire, first volume on early man, has been asked to advise, believes should be merged with Victoria County History, asks if knows Victoria County History articles on religious houses.

209/9 2 Mar 1932, encloses transcript from Chester County Court Roll 1398 which refers to a "jurybook", a term not come across before, discusses use of Bible for juries.

209/10 29 Oct 1932, changes in editorship of Lancashire & Cheshire Record Society, "Chetham" could be editor, discusses other possible candidates, mentions Dowdell's History of Quarter Sessions with preface by Hazeldine, views on history of justices of space.

209/11 22 Feb 1933, thanks for reference to Quo warranto in 1348, believes that it did not die out as early as believed, and there was a revival of writ in 1499-1500.

209/12 7 Mar 1933, discusses calculations of hidage in Cheshire.

209/13 14 Sep 1933, asks if knows of work on "placita de Quo Warranto", use of quo Warranto in Cheshire in 1499-1500, which he is currently researching, wonders why this was used when fallen into disuse elsewhere.

209/14 17 Sep 1933, 1377 petition, which Miss Cam had missed. Hopes Lancs and Cheshire Antiquarian Society will resume full activity soon.

209/15 5 Dec 1933, Liber Loci Benedicti de Whalley being edited for Chetham Society, notes that "Liber Cartorum Abbatiae de Whalleye..." has been offered for sale.

209/16 17 Feb 1934, Quo Warranto research accepted for English Historical Review, [i.e. "The Cheshire Writs of Quo Warranto in 1499" EHR 1934 XLIX]; current research on Sergeants of the Peace.

209/17 23 Feb 1934, re. Tait's comments on sergeants of peace's association with frank pledge areas.

209/18 26 Mar 1934, re. views on [J E A] Jolliffe on sergeants of the peace of which he is critical.

209/19 11 May 1935, thanks for looking at his work on "Cheshire bedells', will say something on. charter of Ranulf of Chester, c.1205-1212; mentions ancient system of police.

209/20 5 Sep 1935, refers again to Victoria County History local history, research on manorial history discusses other contributors, wonders if Duke of Westminster will subsidise, amendments to his sergeant of arms essay.

209/21 19 Dec 1935, encloses extract from Lancashire & Cheshire Record Society on Cheshire Accounts in Pipe Rolls, ask for advice on presentation of volume.

209/22 24 Dec 1935, more on the same refers to Stanley charters 1807 at John Rylands Library dating 1129-39, gave a paper on it; Wirral and original endowment charter earliest example of Earl of Chester's seal.

209/23 29 April 1937, encloses extract from Scrope and Grosvenor controversy concerning Robert Grosvenor's claim for arms.

209/24 2 Jul 1937, Henry III's commissioners in Cheshire in 1237 instructions asks for Tait's opinion.

209/25 27 Apr 1938, discusses research Joan Varley's work on Middlewich.

209/26 11 Mar 1939[?], Clay's work on Earl Randle.

209/27 postcard 25 Sep 1939, re. the sergeants of peace in Valenciennes in C du Moulin Les Coustumes generales et particulieres de France et des Gaules.

209/28 n.d. [but prob. 1920a], will send cheque to Treasurer of Society (Lancs and Cheshire Record Society).

209/29-31, notes by Tait and Stewart Brown some of which appear to relate to Cheshire Domesday, plus a cutting of a Manchester Guardian review of Maitland's Domesday Book and beyond (damaged).