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From Thomas Frederick Tout, (1855-1929) historian.

/1 18 Oct 1908, re. [J. N.] Figgis' lecture, is able to attend lecture, but because of another engagement cannot dine with him, asks if Tait can stand in.

/2 28 Dec [?1916], is embarking on brief holiday to Tarporley [Cheshire].

/3 17 Nov 1918, says Tait's letter is great blow (Tait's retirement), noting "We have had a very happy and harmonious dyarchy for almost thirty years"; hopes will stay involved with the History Department, but understands why is putting "whole energies into the kind of historical work that you like best".

/4 17 Jul 1921, Hamilton Thompson has discovered that a missing Richmond register (1442-1473) is with a Leeds bookdealer, and may be bought by British Museum, otherwise feels Archdiocese of York might purchase.

/5 21 Feb 1922, cannot assist with query (appears to be from Gladys Scott Thomson query on commission of lieutenancy) [see TAI/1/213].

/6 28 Dec 1926, re. J F Willard's manuscript; a publication by Charles Previté-Orton; death of 'Kingsfield'; Tout's research on Ricahrd II.

/7 a note in Tout's handwriting appears to be a Canto I XI of Walter Scott's poem Marmion.

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JRUL has custody of Tout's papers which include correspondence with Tait (TFT/1/1155).