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From Eilert Ekwall (1877-1964), Swedish philologist.

67/1 21 Aug 1921, discusses the derivation of placename "Shevin", etymology of "Lyme" as in placenames Norton - and Betton-under-Lyme and Lyme forest (Macclesfield forest) in Cheshire, Newcastle under Lyme etc., also mountain names in Lake District, and occurrences of placename "Hulme" in Cheshire.

67/2 30 Oct 1921, thanks for information on Hulme Hall, Allostock. Also comments on Scandinavian settlement in Lancashire, and says he accepts Tait's view it was mostly peaceful, and that Lancashire was part of Danelaw; also work on Cheshire placenames.

67/3 20 Jan 1922, thanks for comments on proofs [of Ekwall's The place-names of Lancashire (Manchester University Press 1922)], discuses placenames, Platt Brook, Reckedham, and "Derbyshire" Lyme.

67/4 5 Feb 1922, proofs arrived safely and accepts most of Tait's suggestions, and responds to some points raised about placenames in Lancashire.

67/5 26 Feb 1922, re. corrections pronunciation of "caster" and "chester" in different parts of England.

67/6 30 Aug 1929, response to query about placenames in Langdale Valley (Cumberland).

67/7 25 Jun 1930, Location of Walton in Oxfordshire; words ending in '-ern' in Domesday, meaning of Antrobus and Coldingham (includes two sheets of notes by Tait).

67/8 30 Nov 1921, comments on Forster's article [not idnetified], mentions superficial disagreements on the word 'cross' as a placename, in Lancashire etc.Refers to his forthcoming book, and discusses his arguments. Attached is an apparently unconnected note mentioning Margaret Storm Jameson etc. in Tait's hand. Note: this item was not part of the original collection, but was found within the University of MAnchester archives, former reference: UA/17/14.

Dated at: Lund, Sweden (except /1 Lancaster Gate, London).