Bundle of letters

Scope and Content

From Hilda Johnstone, (1882-1961) historian. Johnstone was the sister-in-law of T.F. Tout.

117/1-8 7 Jun-2 Sep 1931, revisions to Tout manuscript [not identified, may be The place of the reign of Edward II in English history, a second edition published in 1936, with revisions by Johnstone].

117/9 22 Dec 1937, personal circumstances; her research on Edward I's finances; her research students.

117/10 3 Jan 1940, her recent move to Chichester; the effects of war at Royal Holloway.

117/11 18 May 1941, lunch with Canon Ollard; Tait's advice not to abandon book on whole of reign of Edward detailed point on Edward the Black Prince's visitation of Cheshire and North Wales; location of Wynnstay mss.

117/12 1 Sep 1941, describes her new house at Chichester.

117/13 16 Jan 1942, personal circumstances and health. Her review of C. R. Cheney's English Synodalia of the thirteenth century (Oxford 1941).

117/14 12 Feb 1942, decided against extending her post, so can complete "Edward of Carnarvon"; success of a research student working on St George's Windsor.

117/15 24 Feb 1942, Her application for Leverhulme grant; Frank Stenton encouraging about book;wants to wait until Richardson and Sayles publish their work before completing her study of Edward II. attached is research plan of her study of Edward of Carnarvon (i.e. Edward II) [published as Edward of Carnarvon, 1284-1307 (Manchester 1946).]

117/16 4 Jun 1942, re. her Leverhulme Trust grant.

117/17 27 Jun 1943, discusses bomb damage to her house; researching English army in Scotland, 1301; work at Chichester diocesan registry.

117/18 22 Aug 1943, bomb damage to her house, her work on Edward II; has found an interesting document on the health of the parson of Bramber from 1635, which she is considering writing on.